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Because life is better when you climb...

Wanna learn about the best climbing shoes and the best rock climbing clothing to wear (whether you’re climbing indoors or outdoor), even an ultimate climbing jacket guide? Get kitted out for your next climbing adventure!

From climbing harnesses and chalk to belay devices and helmets. We cover climbing ropes and carabiners, to bouldering crash pads and hangboards. We got ALL the hot tips for the must-have climbing gear you need.

Training tips, technique advice, skin care, nutrition, climbing terminology, injury prevention. How to guides, different climbing styles (sport climbing, trad climbing) PLUS rappelling, belaying, bouldering and MORE!

Deep dive into the world’s top rock climbing destinations, best climbing and bouldering gyms, and best guide books. We curate the best spots for climbers of all levels.

What makes for the best rock climbing shoes? Check out our guides on top brands like La Sportiva, climbing shoe fit (yeah that old chesnut) and advice best bouldering shoes. 

We unashamedly fan-crush many of the biggest names in climbing like Chris Sharma, Marc Andre Le Clerc, Alex Honnold, Adam Ondra, Tommy Caldwell; and we signpost epic first ascents, climbing competitions & events.

Iwannabeaclimber.com was founded with the mission to be the ‘go-to’ online hub for anyone getting started or thinking about getting into climbing. Our Beginner Climbers category – written by experienced climbers – provides valuable resources and answers all the questions of those who are new to the exciting world of rock climbing. Discover expert guides, essential gear recommendations, safety techniques, and inspiring stories from fellow climbers.  

Do rock climbers have their own languague? Well, yes, they kind of do. Beta is essentially the “How To” of rock climbing. Learn about different types of beta and how to develop your own beta-reading skills through practice. Understand the importance of respecting climbers’ preferences when offering beta. Explore the role of beta in climbing progression and the benefits of reading routes before attempting them. Embrace the climbing community’s welcoming spirit and remember not to become a beta-sprayer!

" In the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”
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